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My passion for anything chunky

You may wonder what I'm talking about when you skimmed across the title, it is indeed my love for chunky knitting and crocheting or you may have seen it advertised as giant knitting.

It all started when a family member taught me to knit, the satisfaction that I could create something out of a ball of wool was amazing, I was off, knitting all my younger siblings cardigans and cot blankets, not sure how much they really appreciated it at the time, but nothing was stopping me. Bare in mind it wasn't the giant knitted throws you see in life style magazines draped over a fresh white linen clad bed, my style back then consisted of getting what wool you could and a set of thin plastic needles with a cycle ride down to the local haberdashery store and buying a faded paper pattern.

As the years passed my passion went by the way side and life got in the way until one day a discussion at a family barbecue reignited my spark and off I went. I invested in some 1 metre long knitting needles, yes you read right, I said 1 metre and I got busy knitting!

Before I created my shop I sold at craft fairs, this is always a great way to test your market, Christmas ones are fabulous to get you in the Christmas spirit, I knitted chunky foot stools, and giant blankets, but what I discovered was, it wasn't just that people wanted to buy my products it was more the fact they were inspired to create their own!

And this is truly where I got the inspiration to stock my shop, there is something very satisfying about creation and so I have stocked my shop with products for you to create your own master pieces, giant crochet hooks, chunky wooden macramé rings and natural beads. The journey continues ...

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